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Outpatient Therapy

     Brief consultations can be very helpful in pointing schools, universities, families, and individuals in the right direction. With over 20 years of provider, educational, administrative, and advocacy experience in the region and beyond, Dr. Mitchell values the role of providing the proper avenues for consideration across a wide variety of presenting issues. With the intent to quickly assess needs and provide consultation in moving into higher levels of success across systems, Dr. Mitchell has a strong track record of creating pathways to success for parties across systems. When applicable, evaluations may be conducted in collaboration with families, individuals, schools, universities, attorneys, and/or other parties. Evaluations may include diagnostics, psycho educational, psychological, and other considerations. Consultations and evaluations may be provided in-person at Dr. Mitchell's home office, remotely via encrypted videoconferencing with screen sharing, or via other modes of communication at the request of recipients.

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